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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Welcome To My Blog !

Good afternoon and thank you for stopping by. This is my first official post on " The Chase Is Over."
Many people wondered how I came up with the name "chasenomore"...
Well it's pretty self explanatory. When I was an addict, I "chased" one thing and that was Lorcet 10/650 " that blue pill". Everything I did was based on chasing that blue pill called Lorcet.
Everyday I encounter something that reminds me of my past... Like walking into a pharmacy... My life was all about "Doctor Shopping " and "Pharmacy Hopping". When I finally got clean I would say no more chasing for me ! I'm done with this life ! And at that time Chasenomore became the name of this movement here.
Addiction is REAL FOLKS ! It does not DISCRIMINATE ! I don't care what your color race or creed is... if you take any type of painkiller and you are unaware of what they can do to your body, you can easily become a statistic. The worst thing I've experienced is people "stereotyping" me... Saying OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT... YOU DONT LOOK LIKE THE TYPE.... There is no specific look. An addict is an addict !
When I got addicted to Lorcet it was in the early 2000's, and it wasn't as bad of an epidemic as it is NOW !
So living my life PILL FREE is AMAZING !!!!!
I wake up every morning with a smile on my face. I'm not chasing anything accept my 2 year old boy. Lol
If you read "My Story" you would know that I am permanently deaf, from the long term abuse of the Lorcet. I have been deaf for almost 5 years, but now hearing with a cochlear implant. I had the procedure done in November of 2013, and It worked great for me. I'm hearing through my brain instead of my ears, but everything sounds perfect. I heard THUNDER last night for the first time in 5 years almost ! I love the sound of the rain. I love hearing the birds in the morning again. I love to hear my baby boys voice. He sounds so cute !
I am living life like a normal person again.
I even enrolled to go back to school . At first I enrolled in an online academy,  because I didn't know how well I would be able to hear after the cochlear implant surgery.
But I'm hearing everything so normal now ! So I switched my school to an actual college campus. I'm going to start off with Summer courses. Studying  psychology and learning about addiction.  Studying to become an interventionist.
I am a walking miracle,  and I learned that "your way of thinking can create your fate".
I could of been pushing up daisy's (dead)
Over these past years of being clean, I NEVER HAD THE DESIRE TO GO BACK ! One of my favorite poems is by Ernest Hemingway...
~~ The world breaks everyone - and afterward many are strong at the broken places~~
Thank you for reading,  please come back again.


  1. I am so proud of you for having the courage to share your story to help people that may be going through the same thing.... For that, you will be blessed. Love ya!

    Patrice aka Trice

  2. Thank you so much Patrice. It means alot to me to have your support. Yes my purpose is to spread awareness. Love you even more.

  3. Your story is truly inspiring. Continue to spread the word; I am listening and paying attention. Love ya OG :)

  4. Thank you Nic nicck, I feel like a burden has been lifted. Imagine living life in the dark, and finally seeing the light. ... God is ABLE !

  5. I am so glad you are putting your story out there. You are a inspiration to people out there who are going thru the same ordeal awareness is key. Keep up the great work!