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Saturday, April 11, 2015

We Are Upon A International Crisis

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I am all about helping others,  and it doesn't matter that your on the other side of the world.  It doesn't matter that we've never met face to face. Any human being that went through what I went through with ADDICTION, I am here to help you.  SUPPORT IS POWERFUL ! Please believe that. When I got clean, I didn't have any type of support from anyone that was going through what I went through.  I don't know anyone personally that went deaf from painkillers.  If your reading this and you lost your hearing from painkillers, please email me your story. Because I would like to hear your story.
I am helping a young lady who emailed me from the South of England.  She's 24 years old, and has been addicted to "MS contin", "Oxycodone" and "Codeine" for the past 4 years. Because of confidentiality I will not say her name. But as I said before SUPPORT IS POWERFUL ! I walked in her shoes, and I am trying to help her best I can. If she was inspired by my story, then that means that she hasn't given up hope. ♥

As I see all of these different countries being affected by addiction it just makes me realize that it's now a Pandemic.
The U.S. is looking to other nations on ideas on how to treat addiction as a disease.
"The U.S. Director Of National Control Policy" -  Gil Kerlikowske visited London, and spoke to drug addiction experts in other countries to learn whether elements of their programs could work here in the U.S.
" The Office Of National Drug Control Policy released a report that said it showed the importance of addressing the nations drug problem as a "Public Health Issue".
Drug addiction and abuse is a problem across all cultures, nations and demographics. However different drugs are varingly popular among countries, with contributing factors,  like availability, cost, and cultural usage, among the factors which determine a country's illicit drug of choice.

The following list looks at 10 of the world's countries which face the biggest drug problems, and the prevalence of some of the most problematic drugs in these countries. (The most prominent used and abused drug in each country)

1. Mexico -  Meth

2. Brazil - A drug called " OXI" it's a mixture of "cocaine paste", gasoline, calcium oxide, and kerosene.  WOW a very dangerous cocktail, with a deadly combination of ingredients. This drug is highly hallucinogenic, and highly addictive.

3. US - Prescription pain pills epidemic  - 7 out of 10 Americans are taking opioids.
(That's a lot of Americans)

4. Canada -  Marijuana epidemic

5. Afghanistan - Heroin epidemic

6. Russia -  Alcohol epidemic

7. Slovakia -  Inhalents epidemic

8. France - Prescription pain pills epidemic

9. United Kingdom - Alcohol

10. Iran - Heroin

All different types of drugs are being used all over the world, in every country. This list consist of 10 country's and there most used drug of choice.

Drugs can affect anyone, the key is knowledge, and educating yourself. Some people may think, "Humm I don't do drugs, I never had a problem with drugs my whole life, this is not my problem".Others are scared to death to become addicted to any drug, and wonder how can they avoid becoming a statistic.

Everyone's brain have a reward system, and millions of Americans use prescription pain pills - or even misuse them for a short time - without developing opioid addiction.
What determines who becomes addicted, and who doesn't ?
Despite opioid drugs reputation as " happy pills" not all people are wired to enjoy their effects. In many people nausea and dizziness outweigh any euphoric rush from the drugs. " They don't like it that much,  and they  have no interest in taking it again".
Even more people might experience pleasure like most people do alcohol.  It's something pleasurable "in moderation" but they have no urge to over do it.
Many people have brains that are already primed for addiction.
"They take a pain pill and say WOW that's fantastic! " They really want to feel that feeling again. Soon they seek further chances to use the drug, and continue to increase the dose.

Can someone know if their brain is vulnerable to opioid addiction?
Unfortunately "there's no blood test, no scan of the brain, that can predict who will become addicted".
While certain genes have been associated with the risk for drug addiction, "no one gene is responsible", and there is no genetic test to identify "people at risk".
In the "environmental category"
That includes everything from your social group,  your economic status, your family environment and probably most importantly, stressful events during childhood.
Childhood trauma,  like physical or sexual abuse, losing a parent at a young age,  or witnessing a violent act creates changes in the brain, that last into adulthood.
For reasons that aren't clear, these people are more prone to "prescription drug abuse".
The most obvious environmental factor though is simply being around opioid drugs. For example... Two teens both might be predisposed to pain pill addiction. If one goes to a high school where painkiller abuse is considered "cool" he might be more likely to use and become addicted.
If the other teen is never exposed to painkillers he "maybe more likely" to never try them.
Adults who have already abused other substances like alcohol or cocaine are more likely to fall victim to painkiller addiction.
Cigarette smokers and young people are always at "higher risk."
People with co-existing mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders are more likely to abuse drugs in general. These individuals are more likely to self medicate to feel better, but in the process they raise their risk for pain pill addiction.
How long someone abuses depends on the addiction. Someone who abused painkillers "for weeks" have a better chance of overcoming the addiction versus people who abuse them continously.

When I was using and abusing which one of these categories did I fall under ??????
None of them... I never did any drugs my whole life. I never smoked a cigarette, I never smoked marijuana, I never did any recreational type drug. I never even been intoxicated . I never had any type of mental condition.
I suffered a serious bout of depression (only after becoming an addict). I suffered from some form of "childhood trauma" as a very young kid. I was physically abused. In my years of growing up I was bullied so I was somewhat affected by the childhood truama. But quickly grew out of it.  As an adult I'm unsure if any of those factors contributed to my painkiller addiction.
When I started taking the "Lorcet" aka " Hydrocodone"
I wasn't stressing in my life,  I wasn't depressed either, as a matter of fact,  I was in a good place in my life at that time.
Somehow the pills motivated me, and that's how the addition grew. Everyday I took Lorcet, and I would get a rush of energy. As the pills wore off, I became sluggish, and seem to have lost my motion.
I began increasing the quantity, thinking the more I took, the longer the feeling would last. But instead,  I was left with horrible side effects, including having severe itch attacks.
And as the years progressed, so did my addiction. I was taking Lorcet all day everyday, then the horrible "withdrawals" came along. I think I stayed an addict so long because of my " physical dependency". I didn't realize it was also a "chemical dependency".
So as you can see with my story, I was a regular person who turned into a full blown addict.
Addiction can happen to anyone at anytime. It is important to know what painkiller you are taking, exactly why your taking it, and how long do you have to take it. Have a good relationship and an understanding. If your Dr. is a good doctor he will be sure to monitor your progress, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.
If you are struggling with an addiction, and need support, please do not hesitate to email me.
If there was hope for me, there is hope for anyone ! I am living proof.
(All conversations are completely confidential)
Thank you for reading Chasenomore.Org. Please continue to READ  SHARE and FOLLOW.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Miraculous LIFE....

Good Afternoon,  and Happy New Years to you all ! We are well through the first month of 2015. First things first ! I would like to apologize for my absence. I have been away for a few months but I'm back now and I promise to stay proactive with you all. My readers and followers mean the world to me !!! I am so ecstatic about my international readership. I have readers from Kazakhstan (A country in Asia) !!! I have readers from Canada, Germany, Poland, Australia, Ireland, Russia,Turkey and United Kingdom !  I have a whole lot readers in the UK I see you all, and much love to you ♥ !!! Thank you allll for reading, you have made me an international sensation and that's a beautiful thing !!! Thank you for reading, following and sharing I am grateful to all of my US readers as well.
Lets talk about what I've been up to. I feel wonderful ! I feel free. I am grateful to be alive. I made it through to be here for you. I am here to help you change your life like I changed mine.  I have a real purpose here. To give hope and show support for individuals battling addiction, as well as their family's.
My advice, opinions and statements should not be considered a substitute for seeking professional help. What worked for me, may not work for others.
I live a life of positivity. I have 0 TOLERANCE for any negativity ! Those are the main keys to my success. I am a REALIST. I always have been. I am known for my unique-tell-it-like-it-is brand of advice.
There is someone in the world, somewhere right now struggling with some kind of addiction, and your reading this. Your life is HELL IN A HANDBAG ! You have tried to get clean on numerous occasions, but you keep relapsing. You may feel physically sick from withdrawals, you may even feel suicidal. Your back is up against the wall. I'm going to say this...
The only person that can save YOU is YOU ! You have to put your faith up and believe in a "higher being".  NO it will not be easy, but it will be well worth it ! If you need personal advice send me a email,  and I will respond back in a timely manner. Please feel free to share your story's, struggles and story's of sobriety  Your story could save another life... Please shoot me a email at
Stay tuned for my next post.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

America's Scary Painkiller Habbit

Good afternoon and thank you for being here. This is September's cover of Consumer Reports magazine. We live in a very ADDICTED society. Every day I meet someone who is or has in the past been addicted to some kind of pain pill, or knows someone struggling with addiction. Every day 46 people in the US die from "legal pain pills" administered by a doctor not even from the street. You can avoid being a statistic by simply educating yourself. 
America is in pain and being killed by it's painkillers...  It starts with drugs such as OxyContin, Percocet, and Vicoden - prescription narcotics that can get you through the day if you are recovering from surgery. But they can be as addictive as heroin and are rife with deadly side effects.

(Here is an excerpt from my book Addicted In Silence)

5 years ago on September 2 Labor Day, I learned that I was fully deaf.  The one time throughout my 11 year addiction, when I would voluntarily sign myself into a rehab. It was far away in Upstate NY.  This place was a State facility. For people with limited insurance.  I layed in a bed in a dark room with a dark shade that had a rip in it. The only time I knew the time of day was through the rip in the shade. I spent my days in bed with severe body temperature shifting from hot to cold. Vomiting and diarrhea. The state food was horrible.  I couldn't keep nothing down.  I was weak, confused. In a larthargic like state. I had my hearing aids on, and I was struggling to hear with them. The only thing that I remember hearing repeatedly is the heavy, squeaky door opening and closing. The nurses kept coming in checking on me. They kept monitoring my blood pressure. At one point it dropped so low I was rushed to the ER ! When I got to the ER, I felt like I had died. The doctor said when your going through withdrawl we absolutely cannot give you anything. Your body has to come down from all the pills. She said it's going to be rough for you, hang in there.  My blood pressure was so dangerously low, I was kept overnight for observation.  I felt so weak, I knew that I wasn't ready to get clean at that time. I wasn't strong enough.
When I was released from the ER,  I went back to the rehab and signed myself out. A friend picked me up. I had been wearing hearing aids for a short period of time,  but they weren't really working because I was still loosing my hearing.  It sounded as if I was on top of a mountain and  when I spoke to people they were at the very bottom. I cannot remember a time in my entire life where I felt so horrible. I wanted to kill myself. 
When I arrived back home, still very sick and going through withdrawal,  I climbed in bed and tried to make it through  the night. I had restless leg and restless arm syndrome. My limbs were jumping uncontrollably, I felt the urge to twitch my legs and arms. It was absolutely CRAZY !!!.
The next morning I opened my eyes, and couldn't hear nothing at all. My heart was racing ! I was thinking to myself what happened to ME !!!!!!  What is wrong with me !!! My hearing aid batteries had died.  I got up went outside AND SCREAMED TO THE TOP OF MY LUNGS !!! I couldn't hear myself !!! I was banging kitchen utensils, pots and pans, blasting my stereo, and all I could feel was the bass in the music.  I couldn't hear anything at all.  In a severely depressed state  I continued to Doctor shop and Pharmacy shop. The more pills I took, the more numb I would be "literally"....
This was a excerpt from my book "Addicted In Silence". On Labor Day week 5 years ago is when I learned that I was fully deaf from years of abusing pain pills.

There are many deadly misconceptions about opiods...  (Painkillers) and addictions.
Ideally, health care professionals should act as gatekeepers,  prescribing painkillers only when they're appropriate and monitoring patients for side effects. People need to be "better educated" about the risks. 
This is a worldwide epidemic.  Talk to your doctor, have a good relationship and great communication with your doctor. That could make all the difference. 
Knowledge is power.....

Saturday, June 28, 2014

My World As A Deaf Woman

Thank you for tuning in to "My World As A Deaf Woman" Have you ever pictured or planned how your life would be ? And instead of it going as planned, you hit ROCK BOTTOM ? We all know that sometimes you get detoured. But in the end it's about survival. Did I ever picture that I would be an addict ? And go deaf from abusing painkillers for 11 whole years ? NEVER in a million years. Did I ever picture myself hearing again with the use of a cochlear implant ? NEVER in a million years. The video above shows a woman named Molly who is deaf. She hears with the " Nucleus 6" cochlear implant. I am a Nucleus 6 cochlear patient took too. This video shows Molly from the time she awakes,throughout her entire day until she retreats to bed. The video focuses on "what she hears throughout the entire day" It starts off silent, because she hasn't put the CI on yet. When she wakes up she puts the CI on, and takes it off when she goes to bed. Getting the CI would change my life forever. In this post I will discuss what my journey was like throughout my hearing loss, and how it all changed on November 18, 2013.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Face of an addict ???

When I revealed my story publicly for the very first time, on May 6, 2014 I wanted to share my story but, remain anonymous. In the beginning of my journey I wanted this blog to be anonymous. It wasnt that I was ashamed, or embarrassed. I owned my life. I owned my story. It felt like an out of body experience. I felt like a bear coming from out of hibernation. 
I lived a deep and very dark secret for over 10 years. I was held captive in my own world. A prisoner inside my own life. How do you reveal a part of your life that you hid for so long ? Can you imagine hiding large green trash bags full of empty pill bottles in the back of your closet ???
The most complex thing about addiction is stereotyping.
A lot of people have said to me "Oh my goodness you don't look like you went through all of that".
"You don't look like you took all those pills".
"You are a former addict OMG !" "You don't look like the type". There are so many people living dangerously in the dark in denial. Crying out for help, but no one knows because they don't "look like" addicts.
What does the face of an addict look like ???

The Senior Citizen....  The profile of a senior citizen addicted to opiates is often different than that of a younger person. People don't expect it to be possible, because of the stereotype.
Many older adults are falling victim to abusing different painkillers. They become addicted to the medicine that was originally prescribed for pain relief. Seniors have many different types of ailments.
Older individuals have a different physiology than younger people, the drugs often take a greater toll on their bodies.
I have met older individuals who have been addicts their whole life. I'm talking since their youth. I met a woman who underwent gastric bypass surgery, and was prescribed a powerful painkiller. She became addicted to the same pain pill that relieved her pain and now 10 years later even after fully recovering from gastric bypass she still takes the painkillers.
There are many different faces of addiction. If you are 50 or older and have had an addiction to painkillers,  I'd love to hear your story. I am here to educate and raise awareness.

Teenagers.... Our youth are dying....
65% of young drug abusers choose painkillers. Overdosing has now become the number one killer among teens.
A big percentage of high school seniors report taking hydrocodone (the painkiller I abused).... (Vicoden, Lorcet, Lortab) BUT not by coincidence, many of their parents take it too ! There are many situations and circumstances behind people why and how a person becomes an addict.
The photo above is a man (Avi Israel).
His son had become addicted to painkillers that were prescribed to deal with his (Crohn's disease) - a chronic digestive disorder. His son shown on the picture above took his own life because of his addiction to Lorcet.
His story hit close to home with me because that was the exact pill that stole my hearing away. I was able to beat an 11 year addiction,  but some people aren't so lucky.

The Veteran.... I have heard many horror stories about veterans being addicted to opiates. Some of these stories broke my heart. I was literally in tears. I have read stories about soldiers on active duty and soldiers returned home from battle,  and veterans. Getting injured on the battlefield and then returning home for treatment at the VA hospitals.

We all know that soldiers suffer from so many things PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) Traumatic brain and body injuries, severe anxiety, and a lot of them wound up on a cocktail of painkillers supplied by the VA.
The most prominent story that stuck in my head about a 32 year old US Army Specialist. He was deployed out of Afghanistan. While recovering from his wounds his mental state deteriorated. He became addicted to painkillers. The Army sent him to a detox center at his VA hospital to get clean. But the VA hospital continued to give him narcotics.

After just 2 months they released him with a massive cocktail of drugs including 12 tablets of  the painkiller Oxycontin (Oxycodone)

After he left the hospital he went to a nearby motel. He picked up a 6 pack of beer and checked into his room. He has a few beers and decides he's hungry. He goes next door to the local Applebee's orders a plate of Nachos , another beer and then becomes very groggy.
He fell asleep at the Applebee's counter. The restaurant manager helped him back to his motel room. 
He stumbled down the hallway, fumbled with his room key and collapsed face down onto the carpeted floor. Motel guests stepped over him for an hour.
By the time the paramedics arrived they tried to revive him. But it was too late.
The state medical examiner concluded that in addition to the two beers he consumed 8 oxycodone pills, tranquilizers and muscle relaxants that the VA prescribed.

Moral of the story is, this is a worldwide epidemic.... Everyone knows someone that is addicted to some type of painkiller.  Doctors are so liberal prescribing these prescriptions it is so easy to pick up a pad and write these scripts for medications that might dull the pain temporarily but can have horrible, tragic, sometimes even fatal results.
If you don't believe me....
Just ask me.....
Losing my hearing from an 11 year addiction to Lorcet 10/650 was the worst thing that can possibly happen to anybody,  but I am still here for a reason. To tell a story that must be TOLD. All of these tragedies that we hear about, so many don't make it out alive.
I feel a responsibility to let people know what can happen if you abuse painkillers.
Hey on the bright side of things...
"Every tear waters a blessing"

      Interactive map : Painkiller distribution by the VA in the United States