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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Road Trip

Good evening all, and thank you for stopping by.
There is not a day that goes by that I don't meet someone who I share my story with.
It feels as if I'm driving a big bus, and taking a long road trip, and as I'm journeying,  I'm picking people up along the way. People are accepting,  respectful,  and non judgmental of what my life was.
I was speaking to an individual about "what was my turing point... my rock bottom... my AHA moment. " I don't know I just knew I would die if I kept abusing the pills. It was like I saw a light and at that very point and time... I was just done.
Every person has a different rock bottom though. What was bottom for me, may not be to someone else.
I have had people ask me, why didn't I stop the pills immediately after losing my hearing ?
My addiction was very powerful. I use to get on my computer,  and do a search for a drugstore in a town or a city.  Then get in my truck and use my gps to go to every drugstore in that area. I would be trying to fill prescriptions,  and would be going far away so my name wouldn't show up in the drugstore computer systems. Some stores would say we can't fill this, it's too early.
I would drive sometimes all day and all night, looking for 24 hour pharmacies. I would be sick as dog , from withdrawal.
I wouldn't give up until I succeeded getting the prescription filled. Some nights I would be driving on the highway,  sleep behind the wheel. I remember crossing a bridge into Philadelphia one time, it was 3 Am in the morning,  all I remember was waking up on the opposite side of the bridge ! IT WAS LATE THERE WAS NO INCOMING TRAFFIC ! My life flashing before my very eyes ! God had to have my back that night !  I had knocked all the dividers down in the middle of the bridge ! Some nights I would pull over in what I thought was "a safe neighborhood" to sleep in my truck for a few hours. I kept clothes, toiletries,  shoes, a little pillow and blanket in my truck at all times. I would sleep for a few hours and then get back on the road. Sometimes I would wake up to the police flashing a flashlight in my face from outside my truck.
They thought I was DEAD !!! Smh
Wawa mini markets became rest stops for me. I would use the restrooms and get food to eat. Then find a pharmacy.
I was residing in a nice home, but never physically stayed there. I use to live on the road.
Doctors appointments and the pharmacy was my life..... Smh
There is so muchhhhhh that I went through for them 11 years.  When I say my life was a movie.... IT REALLY IS.
I have publications interested in buying my story. I just want to get my book published !!! THIS STORY MUST BE TOLD !!!
Thank you for tunning in this evening stay tunned......

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