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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cold Turkey !

Good afternoon and thank you for tuning in.
I have never met anyone like me who have went fully deaf from abusing opiates.
I have heard that Rush Limbaugh "Conservative radio/ talk show host and political commentator" lost his hearing in 2001 from abusing Lorcet - Hydrocodone (the same medicine I abused) He also was reportedly abusing Oxy Contin for 4 years, and reportedly suddenly went deaf.
His story has not been fully confirmed but his doctors are insisting there's a different diagnosis.
Painkillers are powerful in every way. They control your mental as well as your physical. And I did something merely impossible.  I went COLD TURKEY !
Each and everyone is different. Every tolerance level is different. Every addiction is different. Personally I would not recommend going cold turkey.  It's very dangerous. I would advise you to seek help from a medical professional.
The last day I took a Lorcet 10 /650 I just didn't have the physical or mental strength to keep on going.
I always watch INTERVENTION the reality tv series that shows the gritty effects of abusing drugs. The love ones stage an intervention to try and save the life of the individual abusing the drugs. And if the abuser surrenders, the show will send them to one of those beautiful ranch detox centers in California,  or somewhere far away. Then after detox they will be sent to a 90 day or more rehabilitation center.
And we all know that if you have no insurance, it can be very complicated to get treatment. Every state has detox and rehabilitation centers that are state funded.
After I got clean, I always asked myself (in my head)..... Why did it take 11 years for me to finally give up the chase ?????
I don't know, but I didn't want to go into a detox or rehab. I was at a dead end ! I  JUST WANTED TO GET CLEAN AND STAY CLEAN!
I was scared to death because I didn't know if I could do it. I didn't know if I got clean... if I could stay clean. The fear of the unknow. But Iam here to tell you today (tearssss) (tearsss) (tearssss)  IF YOU WANT IT YOU CAN DO IT !!!! It was the best decision that I've ever made in my entire life !!!! I get emotional... because IT'S REAL.
Some people aren't as strong as Iam, and need professional help, or medications like "Suboxone" the medicine I spoke about in my previous post.
I'm not going to sugarcoat what I went through but it was HARD !!! After 2 weeks I still felt horrible ! I called my mom, I said mom please find a Suboxone clinic because I don't feel right ! She said ok ! My mom was on the phone all day trying to find a clinic for me.
Soboxone is suppose to curve your cravings and help the withdrawal symptoms but is not covered by some insurances. Mostly you have to pay cash. And it can be very expensive.  I've heard of people paying up to $700 for suboxone.
The twist with Suboxone it can be just as addictive as the drug your weaning off of !
I didn't want to take Suboxone !!!! I didn't want to build another addiction ! I JUST WANTED TO BE PILL FREEEE !!!!! I had an inner strength. My relationship with God is what got me through !!! God makes the impossible possible !!! I am living proof !
I never took Soboxone. I stayed strong,  and got got better as time passed.
How about you ? Are you struggling with addiction ? Have you overcome an addiction ?  If so what's your sobriety date ? Are you in detox or a rehabilitation program ? Are you taking Suboxone ? Do you know anyone at all that went through what I did ??? That went fully deaf from Lorcet, or Percocet ? Or any narcotic ? Please share your story with me.

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